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ASTROBIONIX is a Scottish-Danish downstream planetary exploration engineering company specialized in the application of space technology & space-derived systems in non-space environments such as in offshore & subsea operations, in the development of subsea systems & underwater habitats, in the development & testing of advanced UAVs & ROVs, in the development of atmospheric diving suits & exoskeletons, in the development & operations of space analogs, and in the utilization of space science & the space segment for life on Earth.

ASTROBIONIX is a world-renowned developer of the most advanced protection, survivability, self-sufficiency & autonomy technologies for megayachts, private submarines, and secluded locations.

ASTROBIONIX provides consulting services to the most important international research organizations in the fields of space physics, space biology & space physiology, planetary science, multi-messenger astronomy, and space observatories.

ASTROBIONIX is a leading broker of orbital & suborbital launch opportunities for a variety of payloads, ranging from scientific research to surveillance & reconnaissance for defense purposes, as well as of opportunities for manned & unmanned deep sea & stratospheric research missions.

ASTROBIONIX is also a leading developer of technologies for extreme medicine, such as remote medicine, wilderness medicine, diving medicine, emergency medicine & disaster response, space physiology, and autonomous medical care for exploration class space missions.

Last but not least, ASTROBIONIX is a sponsor of various STEM projects and supports gender diversity and "women & girls in science and technology" initiatives.

ASTROBIONIX is fully-owned by TORBJOERGS LTD, and the CEO / CTO and founder is astropreneur Gian-Marco Cabibbe.


(Reg. no. SC782781, D-U-N-S no. 23-100-5865)

ABZ Business Park

6 International Avenue

Aberdeen-Dyce AB21 0BH

Ops: Sumburgh Airport, Shetland Islands


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Nørrebrogade 34

8000 Aarhus C.

Ops: Tromsø, Norway